Whether you just want to play a game of Minecraft with your friends, or you're planning on starting the next big Rust server, we got plans to fill all your gameserver needs.

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Features included in All packages

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Full FTP access

All game-server packages include full ftp access, giving you the ability to modify any file, even the core server files.

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Lightning fast servers

Our servers are all running high end Ryzen CPUs, with high-speed memory and speedy NVMe SSDs, to provide you with the best performance possible.

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Modern control panel

Stop using antiquated software and step into the future. The game panel features a sleek and simple design, making it easy for even unexperienced users to customize and control their servers.

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Upgrade and downgrade at any time

You will always be able to upgrade to a better plan, or downgrade to a cheaper plan. This provides a large amount of flexibility for growing communities.

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Local MySQL databases

All plans include the ability to create MySQL databases on the same physical server your game-server is hosted on, giving you low-latency and great performance.

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Plugin and mod support

Since you have full FTP access to your server, you can easily install plugins and mods for any game that supports it.